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Peter Vlasveld is a Junior Developer at Cyclica Inc., a biotechnology company in Toronto, Ontario. Peter is a recent graduate from Seneca College, and also holds an H.B.Sc in Neuroscience and Philosophy from the University of Toronto. He has been learning and practicing Computer Programming since he was in High School, and spent time studying Computer Science at Algonquin College before attending University. He now spends his time expanding his programming skill-set in order to advance his career in software development, and computational biology.

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Logic 2018

Written in C#

Logic 2018 is an educational game in which students solve symbolic logical derivations. The game is currently a command line game with an alpha build available here
You can also check out the games source code on GitHub

R Data Analytics App

Written in R using Shiny and MySQL

A data analytics web application for analyzing ICP data, written in R using the Shiny web framework and MySQL for the DBMS. I worked on a team of three developers on this app and mainly worked on the back-end development.
The source code for this project is available on GitHub.

Bootstrap Portfolio Page

Written in HTML and CSS using Bootstrap

The page that you are viewing right now was written and coded by me. It makes use of Bootstrap for responsive CSS, and the rest is HTML.

Random Tech Quotes JSON API

Written in JavaScript using Node.js and MySQL

A simple Node.js JSON API written using MySQL for the database. It generates random tech quotes to be used for elements such as the one seen below.

Wikipedia Search App

Written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using JQuery and Boostrap

This is a web app that employs the Wikipedia JSON API to search for appropriate entries and display them in a list. The user can load as many entries as they want, and click on an entry to go to the corresponding Wikipedia page. The user can also click a button that will take them to a random Wikipedia page.


Written and coded by Peter Vlasveld